There's nothing cuter than a dimply little baby butt. That's just an indisputable fact of life. Of course you want to cover that butt with the most comfortable and stylish diaper. Leaky, rubber and plastic diapers just aren't good enough for those cute little butts. When my grandson Jack was born in 2010, my daughter asked me to make him some unique cloth diapers and Jackarooz Diapers and Things was also born. 
When you think of cloth diapers, a very old fashioned image comes to mind: the stark white (read: boring) cloth, large safety pins holding it in place, fancy folding techniques. As with all things that have evolved to make our lives more convenient these days, cloth diapers have too. I tried many diaper patterns in my quest for the best fit and settled on the simplest to use: the pocket diaper, which goes on baby much like a disposable diaper. Cloth diapers are a very economical option, as well as an environmentally friendly one. Besides being rather expensive, disposable diapers make up a huge part of the trash that is dumped into landfills. It is estimated that it takes 250 to 500 years for a disposable diaper to decompose. When you take into account how many diapers a baby will use up in a day, that's a lot of diapers sitting in our landfills for a lot of years! Besides the obvious environmental impact cloth diapers have, they also have other advantages:

- You have a choice of several design options. Your baby can be diapered in a wide array of styles of fabric. 
- With the pocket diaper, there is no need for safety pins and complicated folding techniques.
- Cloth diapers make it easier to detect when baby needs changing, keeping baby's skin dry and significantly lessening the chance of diaper rash. 
- Cloth diapers are free of chemicals and dyes that don't have any place near your baby's sensitive skin. 
I started this website because I truly believe there are great advantages to using cloth diapers. I want to share with moms and moms to be just how easy cloth diapers have become, how much money can be saved by investing in them, and how much better they are for the planet. My diapers are made of 100% cotton with a hidden layer of waterproof PUL (this gives the diaper a waterproof quality that can also sustain multiple washings). I also use flannel, minky and fleece materials. The diapers have an insert that is simple to put in and remove. I make one size and fitted diapers - one size adjusts from newborn to toddler and sized ones range from XS to XL. Everything sold on this site is covered by a 100% money back, satisfaction guarantee. Check back soon for diaper accessories (diaper wet bags and diaper wipes) as well as other items such as bibs, blankets, and burp rags.

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